October 25-27, 2006

Hilton Hotel

San Jose, California, USA

(Immediately following ASPLOS XII at same venue)

Photo courtesy of the City of San Jose

This symposium, in its second year, has its roots in the former Workshop on Workload Characterization (WWC).  It is dedicated to the understanding and characterization of workloads which run on all types of computer systems. New applications and programming paradigms continue to emerge as the use of computers becomes more widespread and more sophisticated. Improving process and communication technology, innovations in microarchitecture, compilers, and virtual machine technology are also changing the nature of problems that are being solved by computing systems. Whether they are PDAs at the low end or massively parallel systems at the high end, the design of tomorrow’s computing machines can be significantly improved through the knowledge and ability to simulate the workload expected to run on them. This 4-day symposium, sponsored by IEEE Computer Society and the Technical Committee on Computer Architecture, will focus on characterizing and understanding modern computer applications commercial and scientific computing.  



    For further information, please contact the General or Program Chair:

     General Chair

        D. N. (Jay) Jayasimha, Intel



     Program Chair

        Ravi Nair, IBM