November 7 – November 9, 2021

 To be held virtually





Detailed instructions

  1. Please use the template 2-column IEEE Proceedings style, conference version, conference version, ensuring the following:

    a. The submission should be in PDF format viewable by Adobe Reader.

    b. Paper type (tool, benchmark, regular) is not to be included.

    c. Paper size: US Letter - 8.5 x 11.0 inches. The A4 size may NOT be used. Be sure to check the final size of the PDF from within Adobe Reader (for example) by looking at the info in: "File>Properties>Description".

    d. Margins: top - 0.75", bottom - 1.00", both sides - 5/8" (0.625")

    e. Font sizes: no smaller than 9pt for body text.

    f. Line spacing for body text: single-spaced.

    g. The submission must be formatted for black-and-white printers. Please make sure your figures are readable when printed in black-and-white.

    h. Do NOT number the pages. The submission should not contain headers or footers of any type.

  2. [updated 09/27] The page limit is below. All the content of the paper is counted within the page limit, including figures, tables, appendices, and references. For authors that are participating in the Artifact Evaluation process, the two-page appendix for artifact evaluation is not included in this page limit.

    a. First 12 pages: no charge

    b. Total of 13 pages: $100 due. Please be sure one author pays for the additional page while registering for the conference.

  3. Submit your FINAL pdfexpress compliant document using the author kit: https://ieeecps.org/#!/auth/login?ak=1&pid=2Jx1HyEy9ChySz85FGfwqq. The steps are:

    a. Verify/convert your paper using PDF eXpress. Click “Paper Validation” and follow the procedures to verify your paper. If the check passes, continue to submit your compliant document. Otherwise, follow generated instructions on fixing problematic areas.

    b. Submit your paper's copyright.

    c. Submit your final paper.

  4. Questions? Feel free to contact the Publications Chairs via email, Silvia Zhang: xuan.zhang@wustl.edu, and Fan Yao: Fan.Yao@ucf.edu.



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