September 25-27, 2016

 Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Ravishankar Iyer, Intel Corp.

The Convergence of Physical/Digital Worlds: Implications on Workloads & Architecture

As sensing and computing have become ultra-low power and ubiquitous, we have entered an era of physical/digital convergence. This physical/digital convergence is bringing about new opportunities (usages) as well as challenges (end-to-end architectures). The talk will show examples ranging from static sensing and simple data analytics to the emerging (r)evolution towards artificial intelligence. Using these examples, I will attempt to outline areas of research in workload analysis as well as novel end-to-end architectures.


Ravi Iyer is a Senior Principal Engineer, CTO, and Director in Intel's New Business Initiatives (NBI). He leads technology innovation and incubation efforts, and has made contributions to ultra-low-power wearable/IOT devices as well as high performance multi-core server architectures. He has published over 150 papers and has filed over 50 patent applications. He is an IEEE Fellow.