September 22-24, 2013

 Portland, Oregon, USA

KEYNOTE: Raj Yavatkar (Intel Fellow)

From Nano to Massive: what does it mean for workloads and architectures?  


After four decades of Moore’s Law, we have computing spanning a vast spectrum of devices and systems. They span wearables, Internet of Things, “digital brain”, and massive supercomputers focused on scientific computing. This talk will describe some of the “killer” applications and describe the challenges they pose in evolving computer and system architectures.  


Dr. Raj Yavatkar is an Intel Fellow and Director of System and Media Architecture for the Intel Architecture Group. He leads the development of SoC (System-On-Chip) accelerators for media (speech, vision, gestures) processing and the design of system architectures for emerging applications. At Intel, Raj has an excellent track record of driving innovative technology development spanning many areas including Atom-based SoCs, network processors, network protocols, post-silicon validation/test, manageability/security, and systems software. He holds a Ph.D. from Purdue University and has been awarded more than 30 patents. Raj has co-authored five Internet standards and published more than 60 papers. He is also an IEEE Fellow. Raj previously served on the editorial board of the IEEE Network magazine, served as an editor of Computer Communications, ACM/Springer-Verlag Journal on Multimedia Systems and Kluwer’s Multimedia Tools and Applications.